Feedback from women who have completed Towards Parenthood:

Exploring the expectations, worries and fears of motherhood in the first chapter allowed me to think about some issues.

Reading the first two chapters opened up discussions with my husband.

The problem-solving skills were really useful.

Taking part in the program allowed for reflection on the transition to parenthood and the responsibilities involved.

I found the chapter “From lovers to parents” enhanced communication between me and my partner.

The support services list is a useful resource.

The most helpful aspects of the guidebook for me were the distraction and self-talk techniques.’

Understanding the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours using the model was very useful.’

Identifying contributors to low mood was something I had not considered.

Recognising passive, aggressive, assertive and indirect communication styles helped me review the way I communicate with others.

The discussion of self-esteem was useful in trying to be a role model to my own children.

I related to the concept of thoughts affecting feelings.

The strategies for increasing positive and decreasing negative thoughts were useful.

I found “Caring for your newborn baby” was the most helpful chapter as it assisted in practical ways.”

Overall, the program helped organise my thinking about my baby.

The final chapter is a great review of the strategies learned in the program.