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The development of Towards Parenthood

Towards Parenthood has been extensively piloted with Australian families. Focus groups have been conducted and revisions made to incorporate feedback.


bTowards Parenthood Father and babyeyondblue: The national depression initiative funded two large randomized controlled research trials to evaluate the effectiveness of an intervention to prepare couples for the transition to parenthood, that involved reading the Towards Parenthood book a chapter per week and discussing it over the phone weekly with a counsellor.

The results show that Towards Parenthood is able to provide helpful information to make a significant difference in the adjustment to parenthood for women and their partners.


Women who had the Towards Parenthood intervention antenatally were postnatally.

– Less anxious
– Less stressed
– Had less depressive symptoms
– Tended to experience less parenting stress during the transition to parenthood than
those who did not have Towards Parenthood

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