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What is the book about?

The transition into parenthood is challenging. Text and thought provoking exercises prepare prospective mothers and fathers for the emotional, social and psychological changes that may arise as they become parents. The focus is on developing both coping skills and parenting skills.

“Exploring the expectations, worries and fears of motherhood in the first chapter allowed me to think about some issues.” Rebecca

“Overall, the program helped organise my thinking about my baby.” Kate

Who is this book for?

The focus is not on the physical aspects of the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum but rather more broadly on assisting parents to manage the complex demands of parenthood.

This Australian publication is ideal for:

  • Expectant parents
  • Friends and relatives looking for a useful baby gift
  • Health professionals working with expectant and new parents
  • Work organizations who want to support their staff commencing parental leave

What does the book cover?

  • Expectations of parenthood
  • The couple relationship
  • Family problems
  • Rethinking childhood experiences
  • Coping and parenting skills
  • Attachment to infants
  • Dealing with isolation

How is this book different from others?

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This book was written by a team of psychologists who have a wealth of experience working with families making the transition to parenthood. The topics chosen, the interactive exercises and the use of humour and real life examples make the content not only entertaining and engaging but extremely relevant.

Towards Parenthood: Preparing for the changes and challenges of a new baby.

Milgrom, Ericksen, Leigh, Romeo, Loughlin, McCarthy & Saunders. ACER Press. 2009 reprinted 2011

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